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About CICC

Centre of Intelligent Cloud Computing (CICC) has been established with the aim of cultivating ideas and developing research in the area of cloud computing and allied areas such as Internet of Things (IoTs), cognitive car services, big data, educational technology and blockchain.

CICC Background

Thundercloud was initially and informally formed in 2013 as a research group and later was formally registered as Data Communication and Networking (DCN) Special Interest Group (SIG) under Center for Ubiquitous Computing and Communication (CUCC), Faculty of Information Science & Technology (FIST), Multimedia University. DCN SIG served as the faculty’s focal point for R&D and education in cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT). The research areas for this SIG have been expanding, to include other fields, including computational intelligence, big data analytics, and human-computer interaction. In addition, DCN SIG has also established several significant collaborations in research and development between other academic institutions and industries. In 2014, DCN SIG was awarded the best SIG under CUCC. From this perspective and impressive achievement within a short span of 2 years, the faculty viewed that there was a strong need for the group to become independent SIG in 2015 that incorporated these research areas into a common theme (intelligent cloud computing). This new independent SIG was known as Intelligent Cloud Computing (ICC) SIG. The year 2018 is a massive progress for ICC SIG when it has been upgraded as full research centre by Multimedia University (MMU) and now known as Centre of Intelligent Cloud Computing (CICC).

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Advance Computing

Cloudlet, Mobile, Computer Forensic, Autonomic

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User Experience

Interface Design, Content Strategy, Usability Engineering

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Computer Vision

Internet of Vechicles, Biometric, Cognitive Science, Pattern Recognition

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Data Mining, Data Fusion, Predictive Analytics, Optimization, Visualization

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